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Dear Editor,

The Road Safety Department (RSD) would like to thank Mr Thong Boey for his letter entitled Worrying trend of motorcycle accidents” which was published in The Star on 7 March 2013.

We fully support his view that motorcyclists should be aware of their safety while riding the bike. In 2012, motorcyclist fatalities made up 60% of the total fatalities on Malaysian road which translated to 4178 deaths with head injuries being the main cause of death. As such it is critical that all motorcyclists wear SIRIM approved helmet and wear them properly, ride their bike in a safe manner and obey all traffic rules. Other road users should also be more considerate of motorcyclists, as they are the most vulnerable road user.

As for the need to educate motorcyclists, RSD do believe that better motorcycle safety education is indeed pivotal in producing better motorcyclists. As such, a new driver curriculum is in the midst of being implemented by the Road Transport Department (RTD) , to address this matter.  RSD views the issue of motorcyclist safety very seriously and various advocacy campaigns emphasizing on motorcyclist safety are being continuously carried out weekly nationwide. RSD will continue to work together with other enforcement agencies to further raise the awareness of motorcyclist safety.

Thank you.


Hesdey Ahmad

Public Relations Officer

Road Safety Department of Malaysia

Putrajaya, Malaysia

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