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Road Safety: Have it taught in schools again

Dear Editor,

The Road Safety Department (RSD) would like to thank Ms. Jeyamany Sivapragasam for her views entitled “Road Safety: Have it taught in schools again”

The RSD agrees that Road Safety Education (RSE) is crucial in imparting knowledge and good safety values to road users especially children.

The RSD has already introduced the RSE programme initially through a pilot project in 2007 in close collaboration with the Education Ministry as a long-term move to reduce the high number of road accidents and deaths.

It is incorporated in the teaching of the national language and interwoven with speaking, listening, writing and reading components.

In 2008, RSE was introduced to all Primary One students nationwide in Government and vernacular schools and by 2011 all Primary One to Six students were exposed to RSE.

The RSE was extended to cover secondary school students beginning with Form One in 2012 and is expected to be taught in Form Two and Form Three in 2013 and 2014 respectively. So, it is inaccurate to say that the RSE for Form Two and Form Three was put on hold.

Also, the RSD in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MOE) has produced road safety teaching aids to assist and facilitate the teaching of RSE in schools by the teacher. The road safety activity books have more than 20 pages for each level.

The RSD through it’s state branches are also in the midst of organizing more road safety programmes targeted at school going children to address the issue of pedestrian safety.

As road safety is everyone’s responsibility, we hope that students, parents and teachers will also do their part in instilling a safety first culture in their home and schools. We also would like to invite the private sector and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to work with us to increase the awareness of the general public on the importance of road safety.

Thank you.

Hesdey Ahmad
Public Relations Officer
Road Safety Department of Malaysia
Putrajaya, Malaysia.

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